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Adam Guzzo


Born on August 27, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois, Adam attended The Art Institute of Chicago before moving to The City in 1999, enrolling at the Academy of Art to study computer animation through 2005. Switching to oils as his primary focus, he began showing his work in 2011, finding favor with numerous local and national collectors. Ranging in style from photo realism to German Expressionism, he created a distinctive body of work creating over one hundred works and innumerable sketches.


Look Gallery owners Phil and Nancy, relate that, “We all miss him. We were blessed to have him in our lives and to show his work in our gallery. Adam touched so many lives with his art and his persona as well as his humor. For years you could find him at the corner café with a cup of coffee and his ever-present sketchpad.”


There is an ironic continuous showing of Adam Guzzo’s work. He created the sign for the Angel Cafe at 700 Geary, just down the street from Look Gallery. His friends knowingly feel his presence despite his untimely passing.   



All Works Copyrighted By Artist

We are pleased to announce we can resume selling Adam's works.  As they are inventoried and scanned they will be added to the website.                                                                                 These pieces are currently available.

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