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Rodney Manson

 In 1990 I found myself living in a small apartment in San Francisco.  There is an artistic energy always simmering just under the surface.  I needed room to create art but I didn’t have the budget for that. I spoke to a friend about it and she loaned me a camera. It was her grandfathers Nikon F-1. The light meter was broken so I had to figure out how to adjust things by just shooting. As luck would have it there was a photo lab around the corner from me. I didn’t realize it for a while, but it wasn’t a lab for people like me. It was one of the busiest commercial labs in San Francisco. Tak and his wife, Miko, were so polite. They found it entertaining that they were part of my learning process. A true friendship and artist relationship evolved. They had a large cork board next to the counter so when they made a print that they thought was outstanding, they would make an extra print, one for the board. I would stand there once or twice a week for a couple years waiting for Tak to find my prints and looking at that board. Most of the photographers, including their son, worked for all sorts of media giants. The board was the shit, and one day, there was one of my photos. I haven’t stopped taking pictures since. I found out that I was on the right track. I hope you find a photograph of mine that you want. It is a wonderful thing to have an original work of art. Thank you very much for your valuable time.



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