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Matt Matijczyk 

Matt grew up  in Maine and has lived in California for more than 10 years. Matt studied art in Maine and Boston as a illustrator major.  After moving to California he worked for a production potter.  Matt creates stoneware tiles out of 2 kinds of clay: a white clay that is smooth and fine and a brown clay that is rough & sandy.  He makes all his tiles at his place in Point Arena, Ca.  
Matt's tiles are miniature relief sculptures that he carves from his own drawings or photos. A lot of the tiles have fused glass on them which he gets by collecting recycled bottles.  The glass is gorgeous and unpredictable making each tile very unique.
After living in his van for 2 1/2 years Matt says his lucky break happened when he got to rent (and live in) a corrugated metal barn on the side of Highway 1.  He's still in that barn with a show room, a production operation, living quarters and a kitchen garden all right there.  
Matt is always making new molds and learning new production techniques.  He loves all the different phases of making tiles and enjoys just being in his shop.  He mostly moved to California for the surf and considers it a miracle to be able to make art for a living.  He has to work 7 days a week but the trade offs are that he gets to cook amazing food in his own kitchen, 3 meals a day, be with his dogs all the time, and be really near the ocean.  He gets to surf as much as he wants and to keep the beach as a big part of his life.  It is all part of his business and anyone who buys a tile help to keep this dream alive.  Matt loves his job and his customers.

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