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Robin Hager 
Robin Hager, a native San Franciscan, spent most of his youth in and around Portland, Oregon.  Strongly influenced by his parents, both artists, Robin attended Portland State and University of Oregon majoring in art and architecture.In 1972 Robin opened the Oak House, a co-op gallery in Portland.  At the time the idea of a co-op gallery was new.  During his gallery years, 1972-1982, Robin concentrated on metal sculpture and custom lighting and fixtures.  Referring to his work as “sculpted lighting” Robin was quite successful traveling to other states to design, build and install his artistic lights.In 1989 Robin moved back to San Francisco and resumed painting.  His interest in Native American culture is reflected in his paintings of this period.  In the late 1990’s Robin expanded his art and began carving totem poles.  His basement studio and garden on Sacramento St. became a meeting place for many local artists.  The studio and garden were open to the public on many occasions showcasing not only Robin’s work but the works of  other San Francisco artists. Robin is once again living in Portland, Oregon.  Today his time is spent in creating/renovating old houses into works of art and creating more paintings and sculptures.The works currently for sale at LOOK Gallery are from Robin’s San Francisco years.  We are also proud to have a piece of art from Robin’s father, Ernie Hager, on display.

All Works Copyrighted By Artist

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