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     Antonio Mancera

Antonio "Tony" Mancera Tharp was born in El Paso, Texas.  Tony grew up in the Los Angeles area where his family moved when he was a small child. 
After serving as an Army corpsman in Vietnam Tony moved to San Francisco in 1970 where he began work at the Hospitality House, a drop-in center in the Tenderlion.  His work there as an art instructor helped him to recognize his talent.  In 1972 Tony enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institutre on a Third World Cultural Grant. 
During formal, but unconventional training at the Art Institute Tony came to realize his own artistic style when an insturctor asked him to sketch a chair that was broken into pieces.  This led to his realization that he could see things in different ways.  He remarked, "I can make things go in and out both playfully and seriously".  As a result post-modern deconstructionism is central to his art.
Tony has been painting for over 35 years.
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